Two sisters
on a mission

Our story

Hi! Welcome to our website!

How nice that you want to learn more about us. We will introduce ourselves; We are two sisters, Jet (left) and Kim (right). We always thought it would be great fun to start our own company. And in particular an online store. During our studies we both followed the minor Digital Marketing. During this minor we were able to build a webshop and we found out that we were quite handy at this. We started The Wildflower Club during our studies, super exciting! We really wanted to put jewelry on the market that does not discolour. There is nothing more annoying than a blue print on your hands from a ring that discolors, right!? In addition, we wanted to offer high quality bags. Bags that last a very long time and that you can combine endlessly with your outfit. Most of our bags are handmade in Italy and of a beautiful quality (genuine leather). Quality is our top priority, and at a great price too!

After a lot of research about how to start a company, working hard on building the website and purchasing products, we went live with the website on July 8, 2019. We were thrilled to see the first orders coming in from friends and family and were literally jumping. But we completely jumped for joy with the first order from an 'unknown' customer. A fun fact is that our first 'unknown' customer still orders from us to this day. And as for the dances; we still make a dance with every order that comes in. There's nothing more fun than that! It also makes us so happy every day to pack the orders nicely and send them to our customers. Our goal is to give you a smile when you open the packages. We hope we can do this for a very long time!

At the end of 2022 we started designing our own trousers especially for tall girls. We always had a lot of trouble finding trousers that fit nicely on the shoe. Almost all pants are made for girls up to 1.75 and therefore much too short for us. And guess what; many other tall girls experienced the same problem. We have received so many happy and nice comments since launch. We still get messages every day from girls who are so happy that we as a webshop focus on the tall girls. In the meantime, we have already been able to expand our collection with tops and jeans and we are busy behind the scenes to expand even more. Feel free to take a look at our Tall collection!

We would love it if you continued to follow us. We share fun behind the scenes images via TikTok and Instagram . See you there!


Jet and Kim