What inseam lenghth do I have?

The inseam lenght you have depends on the length of your legs. The dimensions of a pair of trousers can be found in the size chart. In general, we recommend the following:

Length size 36: (inseam = 91cm) from 1.78m (with long legs) to 1.90m (with relatively shorter legs)

Length size 38: (inseam = 96cm) from 1.85 (with long legs) to 2.00m (with relatively shorter legs)

NB! This is a general estimate (we do not guarantee this). You may fall within the range, but the pants may not be right for you. This may be because your legs are longer or shorter in relation to your upper body. It is therefore important to view the size chart and compare it with your own inseam. Then you know exactly which length to order!

How do I measure my inseam?

It is best to measure the inseam using a pair of pants that you have at home. Then you know exactly what length you need and the pants will not be too long or too short for you. Follow the steps below to measure your inseam.

Get a pair of pants that are the perfect length for you.

Place the pants on the table. Smooth out one leg so that there are no bumps/folds in the seam. The seam of the trousers should be in one straight line (without bends).

Measure the inseam of the trouser leg from the seam at the top to the bottom of the trousers.

You know your inseam!

View the size chart and compare this with your own inseam. Are you stuck? Please feel free to contact our customer service support@thewildflowerclub.nl

We recommend measuring your inseam in the above manner and not while wearing the pants. This can cause the inside leg length to be measured incorrectly.

Can I maintain the same inseam length on all pants?

We always advise you to take into account the model of trousers that you ordered or measured.

For pants with a low or loose fit, you need a shorter inseam. And in general, trousers that are wide at the bottom require a longer inseam. For example, have you measured a pair of straight leg pants that reach your ankle? Then you probably want skinny jeans to be a little shorter and wide leg pants to be longer. As a result, skinny jeans in size 36 may be good for you, while you may need size 38 for wide leg jeans. This also has to do with personal preference. Of course, it depends on how long you want the pants to fall.

Are you stuck? Please feel free to contact our customer service support@thewildflowerclub.nl